Space Saver Staircase Type "Mini"

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  • The alternating tread design allows the staircase to fit into a much smaller space than a conventional staircase, making it ideal for loft conversions where access is limited
  • The U shaped version with 12 risers only needs 1160mm x 1200mm of space
  • Suitable for floor-to-floor heights from 2200-2850mm (see menu for other heights)
  • Available as straight flight, or with one or two 1/4 landings, for 90 degree or 180 degree of turn
  • The optional 1/4 landing platform allows the staircase to turn through 90 degrees, to the left or right
  • Two landings can be used to create a very compact staircase with 180 degree turn
  • The platforms can be fitted in a variety of locations in the flight, allowing this system to work in really awkward spaces
  • Available in natural beech or walnut varnish
  • Extra treads available to fit stair heights up to 3570mm
  • For floor to floor heights lower than 2400mm order the standard kit and remove the appropriate treads
  • Optional balustrade kits available for landing areas and stair wells


Product Note Status Price
Extra Tread Kit Type "Mini" Extra Tread Kit Type "Mini"
160.00 € *
Delivery weight: 11 kg
Platform Kit (for "Mini" spacesaver staircase) Platform Kit (for "Mini" spacesaver staircase)
300.00 € *
Delivery weight: 19 kg
External Railing Kit 3 Steps Type "Mini" External Railing Kit 3 Steps Type "Mini"
155.00 € *
Delivery weight: 6 kg
External Railing Kit (11 Treads) External Railing Kit (11 Treads)
490.00 € *
Delivery weight: 20 kg
External Winder Railing Type "Mini" External Winder Railing Type "Mini"
175.00 € *
Delivery weight: 8 kg
Balustrade Kit 1000mm  Type "Mini" Balustrade Kit 1000mm Type "Mini"
230.00 € *
Delivery weight: 10 kg
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