From your garden upto a balcony or roof terrace?

Discover our spiral staircases, from their dimensions to pricing

1001 Stairs offers a wide assortment of premium quality durable modern wooden and steel spiral staircases for both outdoor and indoor use. We supply innovatively designed spiral staircases at competitive prices. Direct from stock, we can supply all the necessary accessories to create a unique, breathtaking staircase for not only businesses and shops but also homes. With more than 30 years of experience, our advisors are highly skilled in developing and designing custom proposals for spiral staircases. We offer a 10-year warranty on our products. Please do not hesitate to view our website.

Our spiral staircases suit all locations

Spiral stairs are available in a variety of sizes and dimensions. Our DIY spiral staircase kits can be ordered for wholly metal staircases and also staircases with hardwood treads. Making this type of staircase ideal for Dutch (and Belgian) residences, businesses and shops. Spiral staircases can be installed in both round or square shaped stairwells or in an open area providing access to the next floor. Do you have a special situation? We can think of a solution together with you. The staircases of 1001 Stairs are available for different budgets and in various price levels. We'll happily offer telephone support. Discover more about us

In addition to spiral staircases we also provide:

  • Do It Yourself Building Kits
  • Outdoor Staircases
  • Space-saver Staircases
  • Loft Staircases
  • Folding Staircases
  • XXL Spiral Staircases
  • Exclusive Staircases (custom made)
  • Open Design Staircases

Order now!

With our comprehensive webshop you can easily order your new spiral staircase. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us straight-away. We'd love to help you! We also deliver quickly, so you will have your new staircase installed in no time!


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