Special winding staircases at competitive prices

At 1001 Stairs you'll find an extensive choice of spiral staircases

Top quality spiral staircases can be found on the 1001 Stairs website. Sturdy and contemporary spiral staircases made ​​of wood or steel can be designed to your liking. These exclusive staircases are supplied at great prices. Are you looking for an outdoor or interior staircase? We have them both! Would you prefer to install the staircase yourself then we can supply a complete kit including an easy to follow installation guide. 1001 Stairs works with advisors who have more than 30 years experience. This makes us very proficient in the design and development of spiral staircases. So you can be sure of a solid staircase topped by a 10 year warranty! Check out our website immediately!

Spiral staircases tailor made

You can get our staircases in various sizes and various price levels. The spiral stairs can be installed either clockwise or anti-clockwise. This makes our twisting staircases perfect to install in all Dutch (and Belgian) homes, shops and business premises. We have both classic and modern stairs for you and all available in different configurations. Would you like a staircase that brings a certain feeling to your home? We would be delighted to work together with you! Spiral staircases for all budgets and price levels can be found at 1001 Stairs!

In our collection:

  • Do It Yourself Building Kits
  • Exclusive Staircases (custom made)
  • Open Design Staircases
  • Spiral Staircases
  • Outdoor Staircases
  • Space-saver Staircases
  • Attic and Loft Staircases
  • XXL Staircases
  • Twisting Staircases

Choose your dream staircase!

In our convenient online shop you can quickly find your favorite twisting staircase. Is it hard to choose, or does a staircase not 100% match your requirements? Contact us and we will try to see how we can adapt the stairs. We are pleased to offer telephone support. These are our contact details.


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