Space Saving Staircases

These space saving staircases are particularly suitable for small areas and /or limited spaces, stairwells such as to a cellar, basement, attic or loft

Please remember that the rise of these staircases may be higher than 'normal' and that the staircase may provide limited walkable space

A diameter of 1000mm means a walkable tread width of about 400mm!

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Small Metal Spiral Staircase Type "Atzara"

  • Very suitable for small spaces and / or small stairwells such as access to cellars, lofts & other storage areas
£1,575.00 *

Space Saving Spiral Staircase Type "Toscana"

  • This semi-circular staircase is ideal for the DIY handyman or installation professional and is supplied in kit form
£2,045.00 *

Space Saver Staircase Type "Mini"

  • Compact space saving staircase with alternating-tread stair system
  • Treads are height adjustable for a perfect fit
£1,365.00 *
Delivery weight: 100 kg

Space Saver Spiral Staircase Type "Trio 180°"

  • This custom made space-saver spiral staircase combines top quality engineering and Italian design
£3,215.00 *
Delivery weight: 160 kg
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