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Have you already thought about retractable or folding stairs?

With a retractable or folding staircase you can save lots of space. 1001 Stairs has an extensive selection of staircases. Our advisors and designers have more than 30 years experience which means we're highly skilled at developing sturdy staircases that require little floor space. A top quality staircase at a great price with various models available, one address: 1001 Stairs  Our staircases are very easy to install. A easy-to-follow instruction guide is included with every delivery. You can install the staircase yourself or request one of our experienced fitters. Either way you get a 10 year guarantee on all our products! Take a look!

Correctly sized staircase

When you buy a retractable or folding attic staircase from us we pay special attention to the dimensions. Every space is different and our staircases are available in various models and sizes. The attic staircases can be installed within a wall or ceiling. This means that they are suitable for installation in most homes, business premises or even shops. Are you looking for something classic or would you prefer modern? Would you like a certain mood or atmosphere? We are happy to work with you!

In our collection:

  • Do It Yourself Building Kits
  • Spiral Staircases
  • Exclusive Staircases (custom made)
  • Open Design Staircases
  • Circular Staircases
  • Outdoor Staircases
  • Space Saving Staircases
  • Loft Staircases
  • XXL Spiral Staircases

Find your dream staircase within your budget!

You can quickly your dream staircase in the comprehensive online shop of 1001 Stairs. If you are not sure of your choice or you do not know exactly what you're looking for. We'd like to help. So please call us and we will offer you support. Our contact details!


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